2nd Hawk Spotlight- October 2015

Have you ever wondered what  Authentic Success is, especially as it relates to junior high education? What the factors are for Authentic Success? Is it I.Q? Is it G.P.A? Is it Admission to Ivy League Colleges? or... is it something more?

Our second Hawk Spotlight was "Authentic Success: How to Prepare our Junior High Students". Dr. Julie Xie explained how the Hopkins parent community can best prepare our students for Authentic Success in the future, what the developmental characteristics are for middle school students, and what decades of research on "Success" reveals.

Please see the attached PDF for a copy of the presentation.

1st Hawk Spotlight- September 2015

Our first spotlight was on “Math Pathways” which focused on the Common Core accelerated/grade level pathways from 7th grade until 12th grade. 

Panel: Ms. Sue Lemke (FUSD Program Manager), Mr. Brown (Hopkins Asst. Principal), Mrs. Birbeck (Hopkins Math Department Chair), Mr. Jeff Evans (Asst. Principal, MSJHS), and Mr. Scott Sugden (MSJHS Math Department Chair).

Videos from the 1st Hawk Spotlight:

Anshul Arunachalam,
Nov 11, 2015, 10:26 AM