3rd and 4th Hawk Spotlight

Fourth Hawk Spotlight: Student Stress

Please see below for a summary of the group discussion held at the May Hawk Spotlight.

Things That Can be done at Home to mitigate the Student's Stress:

  • Understand the child's capacity/interest and set goals/expectations accordingly, do not compare the students
  • Don't criticize teachers about style of teaching. Give feedback but be open minded to different types of teaching
  • Encourage open communication, provide breaks after school, limit computer time, teach Yoga & meditation
  • Don't just praise your child when they get an A or win a competition, understand that mistakes are okay too
  • Limit number of extra curricular activities/classes outside school and keep it based on child's interest
  • Do not put unnecessary pressure on teachers/FUSD to push to new standards all the time
  • Provide guidance in homework
  • Do not enroll in summer classes that teach the curriculum ahead of time

Things That Can be Done at the School to mitigate the Student's Stress:
  • Monitor & Regulate frequency of tests and quizzes given, avoid testing all subjects the same day
  • Monitor average test scores so that we know the efficiency of teaching & difficulty level of tests
  • Provide adequate recess time
  • Have a redemtion policy
  • Equity in grading, homework, projects between classes on the same subject
  • Better communication form the teacher with regards to project deadlines and directions to complete HW, projects
  • NGSS-wait till textbooks are in place and the teachers are ready and well trained to handle the new syllabus
  • Adjust AR to reading capabilities
  • Add yoga/meditation- breathing techniques as part of PE
  • HW: Projects that have more content less fluff, limit minutes per subject
  • Teachers need to focus on strong foundation and basic teaching of material before testing
  • School should provide additional study materials, website for Math and Science- more resources
  • Provide anonymous comment box for students to evaluate teachers- to be a way to notify school
  • FUSD needs to give clear explanations to parents about NGSS, common core mathpathways. Just a simple letter to home should suffice
  • School does not offer make up tests if they miss class. Please give make up for genuine absences
Signs of StressStressorsCoping Mechanism
Erratic ChangesAcademic Expectations/PressuresTalking to friends
Withdrawing sociallySocial-Fitting InSetting realistic academic expectations
Eating issuesActivity OverloadRegulating sleep, eating habits
Sleeping problemsLack of Down TimePets, Activities
Lack of motivationHome Dynamics/RelationshipsMusic, media
ImpulsivityLack of Affirmation & SupportListen without judgement
Mood SwingsLearning DisabilitiesPatience, acceptance
Sad, AngryProcastinationAsk open ended questions
Shutting downDistractionsName feelings
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Third Hawk Spotlight-November 2015

Our November Hawk Spotlight featured the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Ms. Sue Lemke, FUSD Program Manager along with Ms. Karrie Ware led the presentation and discussion on this. Mr. Brown (Hopkins VP) moderated the parent questions.


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