The PFA thanks all the parents for their generous donation to fund the school's wishlist. We would love to have 100% participation from the parents as the money goes back directly to the school and to the students in various forms same year. 

Over the years, the PFA has been able to fulfill the majority of the school's wishlist. Last year, the PFA helped fund the Flex room (one of its kind in FUSD), purchase books for the library, provide funds for the Spelling bee, history bee, etc, and fulfill the various other requests by the teachers for their class rooms. 

Additionally, please check with your employer to see if they match your contributions and apply at the earliest. (See Company Match list, if your company name is not in the list please inform

Here's a quick recap of the suggested amounts:

​    Suggested PFA Donation Amount:  $100

One can donate money either using online tools or using personal checks as listed below:

  • Via Online tools (Konstella, PayPal) prefrerred

  •  Via Persona Checks

Due to COVID-19 social distancing in place, Hopkins PFA would urge all the parents to donate online using one of the two options listed below:

  • Konstella

Konstella is the preferred option for donation this year for Hopkins PFA. You will be sent a receipt immediately which can be used for Tax-deductible donation and also for applying for a company match.

Please use this Konstella Donation Link to make your donation..

  • Paypal

Parents can also donate to Hopkins PFA using PayPal. Please use this link to make your donation using PayPal. Please make sure to indicate following information in the paypal notes so we can keep track of funds: 

  • Name

  • Email Address (So we could send you receipt)

  • Student Name

  • Grade (7th or 8th)

  • Company Name

  • Company Match (Yes/No)

    • If Yes how much

  • Personal Check
If donating via check, please complete this entire form. Please PRINT clearly. We will be unable to issue receipts if it is NOT CLEAR.


PFAWeb Master,
Aug 16, 2020, 6:04 AM